My name is Lana and I empower companies to create beautiful & effective visual messages. 

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“Lana is extremely thorough with her research and with finding out what your target audience is so she can design your website accordingly. She is very responsive not only during the project but also after the completion. She has creative ideas but is also very open to your suggestions. Above all, she is always extremely professional. Highly recommended!

Agata Langer

Inner Power Coach at Say Yes To Your Happiness

“An enormously creative graphic designer, someone who can manage a variety of styles and make each one look terrific. I’ve used Lana for corporate identity work, marketing collateral, website design and maintenance, as well as print design and production coordination. I love the look of Lana’s design, her attention to detail and her trustworthy stewardship of any project.”

Betsy Loeff

Content Writer and Business Journalist at Write Results


Mark Robinson

Director of Creative Services
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Glens Falls, New York 

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Years ago when I came to the U.S. I didn't expect two things to happen. One, my Ukrainian accent to be so loyal to me and two, instead of exploring my degree in Marketing changing my career and becoming a Designer. I guess, sometimes life has a way of throwing a surprise twist. My journey started unexpectedly, mostly out of necessity, slowly turning into fascination.

Please note, I am very caution defining myself as a Graphic Designer, Visual Designer, or even User Experience Designer. I read multiple articles about the difference between these job titles and had a chance to work on projects that required skills of all three. All three roles have some +s and -s.

You might think "Oh, just choose one already!" Ok, ok, if I had to pick one title I would say I am a Graphic Designer who likes to think of herself as a Visual Designer with a growing interest in User Experience Design. The bottom line, I enjoy taking what your company wants to say and creating visuals to support and enhance your message.

If this makes sense to you, please send me an email (info @ truebrandstudio.com) so we can start a conversation.



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